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Tira cómica del dia

Music for Christmas

We are going to listen to some blues for these parties, from a part CANNED HEAT with "CHRISTMAS BLUES" from the year 1968.

And from another to ALBERT KING with "SANTA CLAUS WANTS SOME LOVIN" from the year 1974.

To enjoy with blues christmas.

Merry Christmas

Núria Graham

Hello! I have uploaded some videos made for me this year, in order to cheer up this blog.
This is a Nuria Graham's concert at Cafeteria Slavia in Les Borges Blanques on 9th May 2015.
There are four songs: from the first album First Tracks: Intro; one that is not in any album: Goodbay, and from the second disc Bird Eyes: Christopher and Dark Past.
See you soon